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James has two beautiful daughters who live in Colorado Springs and James lived there for 10 years. While we may live in Denver or in another area we will always be returning to Colorado for his daughters. We've been able to explore some beautiful locations around Colorado Springs and it has quite a range to offer. Although we've been able to explore some of the areas we're always open to shooting in new areas. Getting to explore and find new areas is uor passion, even those close to home!


Since our home is in Denver if you're looking to do an indoor boudoir shoot we would come to your home! We know welcoming someone into your home can be a daunting idea but we assure you that it is safe with us. You're welcome to have a friend along with you if it would help with feeling more safe. We have a number of reviews from clients we've worked with in their homes and we'd welcome you to review those. Whether you live in a one bedroom studio apartment or in a mansion in the Broadmoor area we can get great shots together!

Another alternative is to rent a space to work in such as an Airbnb or a hotel. These can be great options as there isn't any cleanup to consider. Often times when we come to your home we may rearrange (with permission of course) furniture and decorations. We've been able to reach out to Airbnb hosts and ask them for a discounted price. Sometimes they'll be okay with a discounted price since we only stay there a few hours and don't stay overnight. There are a number of beautiful hotels in the Colorado Springs area and we'd love the opportunity to shoot in any of them. The Broadmoor hotel and The Mining Exchange are two locations that would be great locations to shoot at.



Colorado Springs is bountiful in its outdoor locations to shoot at. When we first began SteamFox Photography most of our sessions were outside. Sometimes the weather can be hard to deal with during the winter months due to the cold but if you can endure a little cold it's worth it for the shots. We've worked in a lot of areas for some great Colorado Springs boudoir photography and always try to keep the session private and secure. Trails were our go to while living there and open parks that we could walk through to find private areas. Black Forest had a number of great forested areas to work with and we'd be happy to work there again!

We've even hiked up mountains to get some beautiful Colorado Springs boudoir photos in the Broadmoor area. North Cheyenne Cañon Park is a beautiful location with great views of the surrounding mountains, if you're up for a tough hike. Palmer Park is also a great location in the middle of the Springs with lots of open areas to shoot at. Bear Creek Nature Center is another great option with a lot of open field areas that overlook the Springs. We'd be happy to return to any one of these locations in the Springs or go explore new ones with you!



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Selecting the right boudoir photographer is be a big decision and we'd love to talk and be considered. Head on over to our about us page and get to know us a little to see if we're the right fit. If you have questions about doing a Colorado Springs boudoir photography session, you can check out our FAQ page. If you don't see the answer you're looking for you can contact us by shooting us a message!  Take a look at all of our Colorado Springs boudoir photography sessions on this page to see all the sessions we've done in the area. We'd love to have the opportunity to talk about being your Colorado Springs boudoir photographers! Shoot us a message and let's talk details about scheduling your boudoir session together!

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If you're in the greater Colorado Springs area looking for an adventure photographer, check out our primary brand, Cherry Tree Photography! We are adventurers at heart and love getting out to see new parts of places both old and new. If you're open to traveling to new areas or are located in a different city in Colorado, shoot us a message. Colorado is such a beautiful state and we love getting to explore all of it and see new areas. Hope to have the opportunity to talk more soon!