Mrs. Erin

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Portfolio Description


Check out our Colorado Springs boudoir photography sessions for more sessions in the area.

This Palmer Park boudoir photography session contains nudity. Password is required.

Model: Mrs. Erin
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date: 02/01/2017
Time: 2:30pm

Working with Mrs. Erin was a lot of fun as she was comfortable with interacting with strangers. At this point I was that stranger, since we’d never met, and she was comfortable in her own skin. Being comfortable is so important because your comfort levels will show through in expressions and translate into your photos. We do our best to be talkative during sessions, be personable and get to know you to help comfort levels. If you’re more comfortable not talking as well we can accommodate that as well, whatever makes you most comfortable.

Mrs. Erin and I met at a trailhead for this Palmer Park boudoir photography session and jumped right in to shooting. I had her start out in a standard outfit, which we highly recommend for the start of every session. We do this just so you get comfortable with us and how we shoot, get comfortable in front of the camera, etc. As we got comfortable working together we began moving around to different locations, making sure to check out visibility. There were trails close and we had to make sure she was out of the line of sight. It does happen from time to time and we recommend bringing a blanket or something you can quickly throw on to cover yourself with).


The session was definitely in the middle of winter but we played with the surrounding environment. We did our best to make it look more like a crisp fall day with some colorful leaves and wardrobe. I had a great time working with Erin and was such a huge supporter in trying to get the word out about our services, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

We love being able to take pictures year around; in the warm summer days and cold winter days. Any time of the year you’re looking to get boudoir photos done, we’d love to accommodate you and shoot in a setting you’re comfortable in. Contact us and let us know your thoughts concerning shooting outdoors and in certain settings! If you love this Palmer Park boudoir photography session we’d love to hear from you so we can plan a session together! If you’re looking for any other type of session in Colorado Springs, please feel free to check out our adventure photographer website.