Join us for our boudoir mini sessions!

Depending on the time of year we'll host boudoir mini sessions you can attend for both indoor studio shoots or outdoor sessions! We'd love to be your boudoir photographer that you turn to all year long. Check back regularly to see our upcoming events and sign up to get notifications about them! Indoor boudoir mini sessions will be at our home and we'll decorate seasonally. For spring we'll have flower mini sessions, winter will have Christmas decor and so on. Outdoor mini session events will also be seasonal as it does get cold out and staying warm and healthy is important. There may be short notice outdoor events for mini sessions that are subject to weather (snow for example).

Flower Mini-Sessions

Once the quarantine is lifted and we're able to resume business indoors we will be hosting a studio flower mini session weekend. Sign up to be notified

Boudoir Mini Sessions

Check back regularly for our seasonal events

We have several ideas we want to implement for boudoir mini sessions and we can't wait to share them with you! Some of our seasonal mini session ideas can be seen listed here. We'd love input and any ideas you may have to make them better or if you have unique ideas. We're always open to ideas and collaborating together to get the best possible sessions put together.

  • Valentine's Day Mini Sessions
  • Spring Floral Mini Sessions
  • Christmas Mini Sessions

We do our boudoir mini sessions with a few people in mind. First are those who want to try a boudoir session but aren't ready to commit to a full session together. This is a great introduction that is budget friendly and gives an idea for how a regular session might go. Second are those who have done shoots with us before and love doing these sessions. We have clients who do boudoir sessions annually or you may want just a little variety here and there. All our boudoir mini sessions even will be unique and we'd love to continually provide fresh and updated images. Updated images can be great if you're needing to keep your audience or portfolio up to date. New photos are also great if you just really love doing these sessions and want more variety!

Bring A Friend

Have a friend accompany you or join in with photos of their own!

Boudoir mini sessions are also great to bring friends along to as well. You are always welcome you to bring a friend along to any session as they can be great support. Friends make great supporters as they encourage you when needed and help you push past insecurities. They can also jump in for a mini session of their own and you can support one another through it! Check out our upcoming boudoir mini sessions above and check out the details for the one you're interested in! If you have ideas that we can incorporate into a mini session we'd love to hear your ideas! Shoot us a message and let us know some of your ideas! We also host mini sessions throughout the year with our primary brand with adventure photography sessions, take a look!