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James Carton

James is originally from California growing up in Long Beach and then Sacramento before moving to Colorado. He's an artist at heart and attended schools for the arts from a young age leading to a career in graphic design. After several years in that he branched out to incorporate photography and fell in love. After getting feedback from sessions James fell in love with not only creating beautiful imagery but giving joy to others through capturing moments together.


Rachel Carton

Rachel is a Colorado native and hadn't lived anywhere else until she got her first travel nurse contract. She is a registered nurse and was working as a NICU nurse at Denver Health in Colorado for 3 years before meeting James and becoming a travel nurse. Her mother sparked interest in her high school years with film photography and their own dark room. She will jump in for helping shoot weddings and an occasional session but her passion is for nursing and helping others.


Their Story Together

After meeting, Rachel told James she was gearing up to be a travel NICU nurse and they could say goodbye or he could come with. Long story short and after a lot of consideration he went with her and they began their grand adventure together. During this time they got to really explore the US and see what a big, diverse country it is. They lived near Seattle, Boston, Cincinnati, San Diego and Sacramento during their travels. When they were nearing the end and wanting to plant back at home she was offered a job in Germany. They went back and forth for about a year before deciding to move to Germany. Until September of 2022 they will be located in the Kaiserslautern, DE area serving the greater surrounding area.

They love traveling and and cherish every opportunity they have to explore new places and their cultures. Grabbing some cocktails and hanging out with friends is one of their favorite things to do. Everywhere they go James is connecting and making new friends and they love getting to know new people and their stories. They're also prone to the occasional Netflix binge streak together or even sitting down to a puzzle in the winter months. Being from Colorado they love the mountains whether it's hiking up or snowboarding down. They love cooking together and trying new recipes, they're always experimenting with new techniques and dishes.



Party People68%

Chef Skills42%




Cherry Tree Photography

Adventure Photographers

On top of running SteamFox Photography James and Rachel manage and shoot with their primary brand, Cherry Tree Photography. They started this company together when they started traveling the United States and love adventuring with others. Whether it's a session at home or an elopement adventure session across the world they're happy to come and share in your memories!

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Everyone sees the flaws in themselves and has a list of things they wish they could change. SteamFox Photography's mission is to show you those things aren't what detract from your unique individual beauty, it's what makes you - you. We all see the blemishes through our own personal perspective and we get the chance to show you things through a different perspective. They'll work with the unique attributes that make you stand out and unique and highlight those in a way that will help the way you see yourself. SteamFox is here to celebrate your unique beauty through the art of photography and empower you by uplifting your self confidence!

  • Promote positive self image
  • Connect on a personal level
  • Provide beautiful and unique images showcasing your unique beauty
  • Create a memorable experience
  • Have fun!

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Shoot us a message and let's begin conversation to get to know one another. If you have questions or would like to schedule a session with us you can shoot us a message from our contact page or by emailing us!