General questions we get about sessions and shooting together


Presession Questions

What Should I Bring?

For boudoir and glamour we typically suggest bringing along a few standard outfit options that we can have you start in as we begin to work together and get comfortable with shooting. Feel free to bring along any lingerie or undergarment sets and any other fun clothing items you feel may work such as swimwear, cardigans/jackets, knee high socks, body suits, etc. as well as a blanket to cover up with, to sit on or wrap up in.

Is Wardrobe Provided?

Wardrobe is not provided for any of our sessions and we ask that you bring along anything you own that might work for our session. We can be creative with what you have so don’t feel like you have to go shopping for anything.

Do You Provide Hair & Makeup?

Accordion tab contentWe do not at this time provide hair and makeup services for our sessions. If you’d like we can hire a MUA (makeup artist) but those fees will be passed to you for their services. Most of the sessions we’ve done the model does their own hair and makeup and the results are always great!

Can I Bring Someone Along?

Of course! We definitely understand wanting to have someone around for comfort/security purposes. We typically will recommend bringing a friend along as they’re typically really encouraging and help make the session more fun and enjoyable for you.

Why Do You Do Boudoir?

We operate another business that handles wedding photography and instead of outsourcing boudoir requests, we figured we’d handle it in house. After getting reactions from the sessions and hearing such positive feedback from clients – we’ve loved getting to change people’s perspectives of this type of session and getting to hear the reactions from both the client and their significant others.

I'm Concerned About My Safety, What Should I do?

This is one of our most common questions and while no one directly asks that this question comes to us in many shapes and forms. Please feel free to bring someone along for safety, text the location of our session to someone and let them know where you’ll be and what you’re doing, reach out and talk to us (we don’t bite) or set up a time to meet with us at a place of your choosing that’s public to meet us!


Questions about the actual session

How Will The Session Go?

Each session will vary depending on your comfort level and what you’re wanting to do for the session. We’ll never force you to do something you’re not comfortable with and we won’t ever ask you to do anything pornographic or sexual. We will encourage you to press forward into further portions as most of our client’s favorite shots are when they were pushed a little out of their comfort zone. Typically we would have you start in a standard outfit – a dress or something casual and grab photos fully dressed so we get comfortable with one another and shooting together. From there we’d move into the first kind of lingerie/undergarment set with maybe a cardigan or something along those lines. From there it’s all really about comfort levels as some sessions would rotate around different undergarment/lingerie and wardrobe sets while others would move into some implied topless shots which would look like having your arm, hands or objects covering chest but still with bottoms on. After that we would transition to topless portions working with different poses and then back into different lingerie/undergarment/wardrobe sets. If there’s comfort to do so within some sets it would progress to implied nude shots (where nothing is actually seen but there is nothing on) and lastly nude portions. Of course this is all at your pace and whatever your comfort levels are and what you’re looking to do.

Who Will Be At The Session?

You and the photographer of your choice. If you’d like to bring someone along that is your choice to do so and we welcome you to do whatever is most comfortable to you. One or both photographers may be present unless you’d feel more comfortable with only one being present, typically though it will only be one or the other for the session.

How Long Is The Session?

A typical session will go approximately 90 minutes – sometimes the session will be shorter if we’ve run through all the shots both of us have in mind and sometimes it will go longer if we’re hitting a stride and want some shots that we’re envisioning and close to.

Do I Have To Pose Topless/Nude?

Of course not! We’ll never force you to pose in a position or in a way that is uncomfortable for you. Our aim is to keep everything classy and artistic so we never ask you to do anything sexual or pornographic during our sessions. We will encourage you to push your comfort levels as some of our client’s favorite shots from our sessions are the ones where they went just a little further than their expected comfort levels.

What's The Difference Between Boudoir & Glamour?

Boudoir and glamour can be fairly similar in terms of wardrobe and setting but the difference is really with your comfort levels and what you’re wanting to achieve with the shots. While both types of sessions will remain classy and artistic, glamour will have you posing a little differently and having different expressions that would be more seductive, sensual and sexual (without actually being sexual).

Can I Shoot With James Or Rachel?

Yes! It’s totally up to you and your comfort levels and who you choose to work with. James will be the photographer for the vast majority of sessions. Either choice the session will be handled professionally, respectfully and artistically.


Post session questions

How Many Photos Will I Receive?

For a standard 90 minute session we typically shoot between 500 and 2,000 photos (depending on photographer and setting) and we deliver anywhere from 50 to 200 edited photos for your personal or portfolio use.

How Will I Get The Photos?

We use a service called PASS that allows us to upload the digital files to a secure hosting site where they are password protected and backed up for 10 years

How Long Will It Take To Get My Photos?

This time frame can vary dramatically depending on our current work and how many sessions we have. Typically we ask for 1 to 2 weeks and sometimes can be done quicker and may at times take longer. We do our best to keep you up to date and give you accurate delivery times.

Do My Photos Have To Be On The Website?

Of course not! We value and respect everyone we work with and if you’d like to do a session and not have any photos shown on the website we totally understand. Nothing gets posted to social media or our website without your written permission for specific photos. Typically we’ll select 8 of our favorite photos to use for the website and a few of those (non nude containing photos) for social media purposes. We’ll send over our selections to you and ask if you’re ok with us using them for social media and website, you have the ultimate say from there. All of our website content is password protected to help ensure privacy and that we’re only showing potential clients our work.

Why Are Your Galleries Password Protected?

We’d love to be able to show off all the galleries but we want to help ensure that only our potential clients are viewing the photos as most of the sessions contain some form of nudity. The passwords are in place to protect those we work with and to make sure they’re not just out there for everyone to see.

Which Photos Will You Use?

After we send over the initial edits to you, we’ll select and narrow down our favorites from the session. From there we’ll send over to you the ones we’d like to use for social media and then send a password protected gallery for you to select the ones that would be acceptable on your end for our use on the website. Nothing is posted or shown on social media without your written consent and if you’d prefer not to be tagged we will definitely honor that as well!