Clarksville boudoir photography sessions in your home, our studio our the beautiful outdoors!

Our latest adventure has brought us to Clarksville, Tennessee. After living abroad in Germany from 2019-2022 we're now back in the states. James has two daughters in Nashville and the goal was to be close. Clarksville is where we'll be until we move into the Nashville area. After we move we will still be happily serving the area with our Clarksville boudoir photography services.


When we moved here from Germany we had to find a home without actually having seen it. So we found a smaller temporary place to live in Clarksville to move into. When we moved here we weren't sure we'd be able to host Clarksville boudoir photography sessions. On top of space being an issue the army lost some of our bed posts. Our guest room is typically where we host our studio sessions and without a bed it's a little harder to do that. Thankfully we found a tutorial online about how to make some wooden posts to fit into our bed frame. We got out the miter saw and drill to make new bed legs and got the room put together.

Now we're setup and ready to host Clarksville boudoir photography sessions. We can also come to your home to shoot your indoor session. Our space may not be available in the near future as our hope and plan is to have James' daughters more often. If that happens we will be unable to host as our guest room would be set up for them. Our indoor options would then be limited to shoot at your home or to rent a local airbnb studio. We don't need much in terms of a setup and can work with a lot or a little for a setting. We're also happy to help look for local locations to rent.



There are a lot of forests and fields in the area and with us still being new here we are definitely still exploring. We have a list of local spots to choose from and we're happy to help recommend outdoor locations. We don't know which spots are public area and good to shoot at just yet. For a Clarksville boudoir photography session we can definitely shoot in fields, forests, near rivers/water, waterfalls, etc. We're still growing our session location list and we'd love to hear from you if you have outdoor location ideas. We're also looking for locations with farms and possibly horses to work with as well.

Outdoor locations can be really fun and liberating to do a session at. We know temperatures here vary so we're flexible with scheduling and are happy to stay in communication to find dates that work with weather. We can also shoot through inclement weather, some of our best shoots have been when it's snowing or raining. If you're up for braving the elements we're happy to stand out there with you to shoot in bad weather. Shooting through bad weather can definitely work to create some beautiful photos. We're also happy to shoot at outdoor locations in the warmer months when they come around!



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Considering A Session?

When considering a boudoir session we know it can sometimes feel daunting. Typically there are questions of feeling confident enough and we're here to tell you you're good enough! After that there are a load of questions about the session which we aim to address on our FAQ page. If you have a more specific question we're happy to answer via email or direct message on social media!  If you've taken a look at our work and are ready to schedule, send us a message! We'd love the opportunity to talk more with you to partner with the Clarksville boudoir photograph session you have in mind. Take a look at some of our sessions we've done here below. We're excited to continue to add to our Clarksville boudoir photography sessions and would love for you to be next!

Servicing the following Clarksville areas:

Clarksville, TN
Hopkinsville, KY
Cadiz, KY
Fort Campbell, TN
Guthrie, KY
Dover, TN
Cumberland City, TN
Ashland City, TN
Pleasant View, TN

If you're in the greater Nashville area looking for an adventure photographer, check out our other brand Cherry Tree Photography! We love exploring and getting to discover new places to capture beautiful photos. Whether it's in Tennessee or Kentucky we are always open to traveling to do a session. If you've got a beautiful location in mind that you'd like to shoot send us a message and let's talk details. Hope to have the opportunity to talk more soon!