My First Boudoir Experience

Every woman has a different experience the first time they do a boudoir session, but I wanted to share my story to help other woman get some insight and maybe even ease some nerves. When I first decided to do a boudoir session, I was single and was in search of feeling empowered and gain self confidence. When I got in contact with James to discuss doing a session together, I was absolutely terrified. As James tried to calm my nerves all I could think about was my flaws, how I wasn't in the best shape and how I had no one to impress with these photos. I kept trying to make excuses of how I should wait until I was in better shape, maybe until I was in a relationship and more confident in my own skin. These are totally normal and rational thoughts and there is nothing wrong with being a little scared! Boudoir is a whole different world and it can be a little intimidating.

After much debate in my own head, I finally just took the leap and did it.

The morning of my shoot, I overthought every outfit I was going to wear and every detail down to how to fill in my eyebrows. Just a side note, you won't notice those little details and truly what matters is that you enjoy yourself. Happiness will be what you notice in a shoot over those little details!

Let me tell you, the first 30 minutes of my shoot I spent being scared and self conscious. (Again, totally normal thoughts and reactions!) Then all of the sudden, I was just feeling amazing in my own skin. James had helped me warm up and showed me some shots to boost my confidence, and this was so helpful for my mindset. The rest of the shoot was a breeze and I felt so good about myself. There is something so empowering about feeling so beautiful and sexy and having it being captured. After the shoot, I just couldn't wait to get my photos back to enjoy the emotions I just experienced. Once I got the photos, I just felt so beautiful and sexy. All those flaws I thought I had, went right out the window and I had nothing negative to say about myself! The shoot wasn't about me being absolutely flawless and in the best shape ever, the shoot was about me being proud, happy and confident with who I am at all times. I had shared a couple shots with some close friends and I got nothing but compliments of how I was radiating with confidence. What an amazing feeling, at such a vulnerable state being exposed in front of a camera I was my best self.

Then I was asked by people, why did I do a shoot if I was single. Many people are under the impression that a boudoir session is for your significant other to enjoy. This is not true at all, this was a gift to myself to enjoy my self confidence, happiness and my own beauty. While yes, absolutely many people do it for their significant other this isn't the only reason to do a session.

While I know and understand that a boudoir session is not for everyone and that every experience is different, this was such an empowering moment for myself.
Boudoir is not about being perfect or flawless, boudoir is about helping women feel confidence and sexy in their own skin.

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