Embracing Imperfection

In doing boudoir themed photography sessions we know there are a variety of immediate obstacles that come up when we begin conversation with a prospective client. Most notably, our most common reason that we hear not to do a boudoir session is a lack of confidence. There's inherently an idea placed inside the mind of a woman that says, "I'm not good enough to do that" and associated with that thought a list of things they dislike about themselves. "I wish I didn't have my stomach fat, then I'd feel prettier", "My chest is too small and not attractive", "I hate my smile".... and the list goes on.

It is apart of the human condition to find fault in appearance and being able to look at yourself in the mirror without seeing faults is a hard practice to come by. Accepting and embracing imperfection is not something we come by naturally and taking steps to see our imperfections as what make us uniquely beautiful is a life long process.

All that being said, there's something about doing a boudoir session that exposes you in a way that says "Here I am, all of me" and seeing that you're beautiful and sexy in that moment as you are is an amazing experience that liberates the mind. In wedding photographs, we don't conjure up or manufacture romance in those - we just simply capture it through our lens. The same goes for our boudoir experiences, we're not doing anything that makes you any more beautiful than you already are, we're just showing it to you through a different perspective. Sure, we find the angles and the lighting to make the shot but the picture isn't anything without you and your unique beauty shining through.

One of the greatest things we hear when we're done with a session is a new found confidence in who you are. Nothing has changed between the beginning of the session to the end but you've now embraced your imperfections and all the little things that make you, you. Those details are not marks against you but to the contrary are the very things that make you intrinsically beautiful.

So, as you're sitting there reading this and contemplating whether or not you can or should do a boudoir session take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you're happy with what you see in the mirror. If you're not immediately confident in who you are in your own skin, we'd highly recommend doing a boudoir session. This isn't a fix all but through feedback we know it's dramatically changed the way some women view themselves, even just in normal day to day situations. We know boudoir has been traditionally for the significant other but through our experiences we've discovered it's so much more and is of far more value to the woman than it is to the recipient.

If you have the thoughts of not being good enough, not pretty enough, not confident in your own body or have a list of things you'd like to be different - you're the ones we want to work with. Right now. Sure there are things you can do that may help you feel more confident in your appearance; working out or getting a boob job. Our goal isn't to say those things are good or bad or to say you don't need them, we're here to help you fall in love with yourself, not necessarily your appearance.

Embracing imperfection isn't about dismissing the things you can change (yes we can always strive to better ourselves and set goals), it's about accepting and being happy with the person you see in the mirror looking back at you. If a session with us can help you to accomplish that like we've heard it does from so many different women, it's worth the risk of doing it in our books. It's worth the cost, the being afraid and the nerves if in the end you find a new self love and achieve a new level of confidence.

We can't wait to show you how everyone else sees you... beautiful.

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